Thursday, February 21, 2013

Diaper Free Cesilee Update- EC at 13 months

Sheesh its been too long since I updated. I apologize, parenting two kids can make you behind on everything. Well Cesilee is now almost 14 months. She is in that wannabe independent stage where she must try things on her own or she freaks out. Its been fun. Due to her mobility and independence her pottying has some challenges. We are both frustrated. Now dont get me wrong, we take a laid back take it as it comes approach and are careful to not put any pressure on EC. I am just trying to figure out how to help her go in the best place possible. She is resisting sitting on her potty half the time and seems to prefer standing on laying flat on her stomach while she goes. I understand sitting is not the most instinctual way to eliminate but I wonder how I can effectively catch without her sitting on it? I think that because she is learning walking and other major things right now she is less focused on communicating her needs. Also I will admit that I got too laid back and wasn't noticing her signs. I am going to be better about it. Its hard to try to take her to the big potty and she seems to not like that she has nowhere to rest her feet. Despite these challenges I still prefer having a diaper free baby and she prefers that as well. Maybe I should actually read a book on natural infant hygiene to get some tips on how to move froward from here.

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  1. There are ups and downs for sure. You will probably find that within a month or two she'll be back on track. We did not experience the dreaded potty pause until our third child, and it was frustrating, especially since I had done such a great job keeping up with EC since day 2, but after a few months suddenly it was over and it was like it never happened. Toddlers are finicky. Even at over 2 now he has a day here and there where he just won't use the potty. ~ Jeska